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Community Development Organization

L.O.R.D. CDO, has been serving the Harrisburg area since the early 2000's partnering with Churches, Businesses, and other organizations to provide innovative programs, clubs, and other events. Check us out!

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We are a nonprofit organization that aims to provide enriching programs that promote the betterment of the total person, family unit, and community in the Harrisburg area

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What we do

Launching Out

Some of our community events have included scholarship banquets, food drives, and occupational workshops.
We currently have a housing assitance program, and are developing a chess club afterschool program.
We have in the past initiated such clubs and events as the Dragons With Stripes Karate Club, and banquets recognizing community members such as Jessie Rawls Sr, Dr. Nathanial Gadson and others.

Our Purpose

Reaching Deep

In our many years of operation in the Dauphin County area and beyond, we've always sought to go beyond the limits of comfort and impact the members of our community. We believe that if we can help build the community by strengthening the family structure, we can reach deep into the heart of the person, and our purpose is just that.


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