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Help us Reach our community; partner with us financially.

Our Aim

Our aim is to Impact our community by reaching the people in it

How does my donation help?

Your donation helps us maintain our programs and reach the people in our communities!
Partner with us in our mission to serve as leaders to the emerging and changing needs of our communites, and to serve in areas of importance.

For example, a donation of $10 would help us cover $10,000 of expenses in our housing assistances program and keep 100 lights on and homes warm in the community!

Donations impact the communities by allowing us in:

- keeping 100 utilities on through our Housing assistance program

- supplying 50+ students in our Academic Scholarships

- teaching and equiping 25 students in our Entrepreneurship program

Ready to partner with us?
1. Enter Name, Address, Etc.

2. Connect Paypal or Credit/Debt and Select Amount

3. Press Send!


This level gives us a little fuel to go a little farther. Every bit helps!

- 1 days Snacks for our kids

- 1 childs basic school supplies

Thank you for your partnership!



This level is a boost that helps us really take off! Thank you!

- 1 young entrepreneurs tuition

- 2 weeks worth of meals for a young family

Thank you for your partnership!



This level helps us go even farther, like building a new rocket!

- 5 utilities
- 2 semesters scholarships

Thank you for your partnership!


Don't have PayPal or Donating with Debt or Credit? Here is how to donate with Credit or Debt:

  1. Fill Out info as normal then Press Donate button
  2. Enter amount under “Donation per item" then “Check Out with PayPal”
  3. Choose “Pay with Debit or Credit Card”
  4. Fill out secure Debt/Credit card guest form and then send!
"A lot of people are happy to give money to charities but are wary of giving through taxes because they feel it doesn't produce any value." --Leila Janah